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SBU Food Lab - Small Scale Farming Program

Are you interested in being a farmer, but didn’t inherit the family farm?

Master the methodology and techniques of successful and regenerative small scale farming  (10 acres and under) in FoodLab’s Small-Scale Farming Training Program.

Ian Calder-Piedmonte, co-owner of Balsam Farms on Long Island, will guide you through The Garden Market Institute’s Masterclass in bio-intensive small-scale farming , sharing his farming wisdom along with J.M. Fortier’s, through videos, digital tools, discussions, demonstrations, and site visits.

For the same price as offered by the GM Institute, FoodLab participants will have the extra benefit of working with an instructor and having access to a network of farming resources and practical experiences.

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Classes begin 1/17/23

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Long Island Farm Cornfield


Amber Waves Farm

Join the fast growing Amber Waves Farm as a paid summer apprentice to gain hands on farming experience. Amber Waves Farm apprentices will spend a season (March/April – October/November) at the farm learning how to grow food organically and sustainably by working hands-on in all areas of the farm’s activities. Apprentices will coordinate with head farmers about day-to-day farm operations, from fieldwork to farmers market preparations. In the field, apprentices will work towards mastering technical skills associated with plant propagation in the greenhouse, crop successions and rotations, soil health, harvesting and post-harvest handling, and tractor work.