Hands on Horticulture


Course Description: 

Unlock the secrets of nature’s pharmacy in our immersive and empowering workshop series, “Cultivating Wellness.” This comprehensive course invites you on a botanical journey into the world of medicinal herbs, offering you the skills to design and curate your own vibrant and therapeutic herb garden.

At the end of the workshop, you will leave with a variety of plants that you have seeded,  ready to kickstart your very own herb haven. This course is more than a journey into gardening; it’s a celebration of well-being, a chance to reconnect with nature’s bounty, and an opportunity to craft a space that nurtures both your plants and your soul. Join us in “Cultivating Wellness,” where your passion for plants meets the art of herbal healing. Enroll today and let the seeds of knowledge blossom into a garden of health and vitality!

Cost: $295.00/ workshop (each workshop = 5 classes)

Multiple Workshop Dates to Choose From:

Dates: Fridays: January 19th, 26th, February 2nd, 9th, 16th
Time: 3:30-5:30pm

Dates: Wednesdays: April 3rd, 10th, 17th, May 1st, May 8th
Time: 4-6pm

Dates: Saturdays, April 13th, 20th, May 4th, 11th, May 18th
Time: 9-11am

Workshop 1: Introduction to Medicinal/Culinary Herb Gardening (2 hours)

  • Overview of the course and its objectives
  • Introduction to medicinal and culinary herbs and their uses
  • The importance of medicinal herb gardens
  • Short break
  • Selection of a suitable garden location
  • Soil preparation and testing
  • Intro to Seed Starting

Workshop 2: Garden Design Principles (2  hours)

  • Basics of garden design and layout
  • Designing for aesthetics and functionality
  • Planning garden pathways and structures
  • Incorporating hardscaping elements (benches, paths, trellises)
  • Group activity: Draft a simple garden layout
  • Hands-on planting demonstration

Workshop 3: Herb Garden Aesthetics and Seasonal Interest (2 hours)

  • Using color, texture, and height in garden design
  • Creating a year-round interest with seasonal herbs
  • Incorporating decorative and aromatic plants
  • Group activity: Creating a seasonal interest plan

Workshop 4: Herb Selection and Planting (2 hours)

  • Choosing medicinal herbs for your garden based on local climate
  • Understanding plant requirements (light, water, soil)
  • Companion planting and intercropping
  • Preparing the soil and planting herbs
  • Hands-on planting demonstration

Workshop 5: Medicinal Herb Garden Project Presentations (2 hours)

  • Review of garden design and plant selection
  • Group or individual project presentations
  • Feedback and improvements
  • Creating a maintenance and harvesting schedule
  • Course conclusion and next steps