This event was a great success,
including a SOLD-OUT Dinner
from Chef Nicholas Poulmentis!

Thank you to all attendees and participants.

Details are below:

Event Date: Friday, October, 27th, 2023

Time: 3-8:30pm

Event Time Start (Tasting, Tour and Symposium) : 3pm

Event Time Start: (Chef Nicholas Poulmentis Dinner Only):  6pm


$125 for Symposium, Tastings and Chef Nicholas Poulmentis Dinner 3-8pm

$75 for Tastings and Symposium 3-6pm

$75 for Chef Nicholas Poulmentis Dinner 6-8pm


Symposium: Duke Lecture Hall, Chancellors Hall Stony Brook Southampton Campus

Chef’s Dinner:  SOLD OUT  – Student Center, Stony Brook Southampton Campus

Chef Nicholas Poulmentis

Description of Event:

Immerse yourself in the transformative realm of Positive Nutrition, guided by the culturally mindful and inclusive eating patterns inherent to the Mediterranean basin. This symposium, a harmonious fusion of scientific insight and cultural wisdom, unveils the golden standard of human nutrition—a “yes” pattern of eating, characterized by seasonal balance, nutrition-dense plant-forward menus, and portion harmony. Explore how this ethos seamlessly integrates into American food services and beyond, promoting a healthier, more holistic lifestyle. Join us to unravel the intricate interplay between the gut microbiome and food, strategies to inspire healthier choices, and the influential role of large-scale operations in driving change. Presented collaboratively by FoodLab at Stony Brook and the Mediterranean Diet Roundtable, this experiential initiative offers an open house to delve into FoodLab’s foundational work in advancing agronomic initiatives. As a culminating event,  a delectable Mediterranean dinner will be curated and prepared by Celebrity and Michelin-starred Chef Nicholas Poulmentis, a Chopped Champion who has appeared in many Food network shows and TBS “Rat In the Kitchen”. Chef Nicholas is now the executive corporate chef and partner of Noema restaurant group, with locations in Huntington and soon to open Garden City.

This symposium promises an unforgettable journey. Secure your spot now to register and be part of this enlightening experience.

Positive Nutrition Symposium and Dinner: A Mediterranean Mindset Agenda

3:00pm-4:00pm: Meet at Duke Lecture Hall, register, collect name tag.  Tour FoodLab Farm and greenhouse and Taste fresh farm fare from local producers.

4:00pm – Welcome and Introduction by Judiann of FoodLab and Special Guest

4:15pm – Keynote presentations by Angelo Mojica, Deanne Branstetter, Rafi Taherian, Paulette Satur, and Paula Montagna

5pm – Questions for the Panel with FoodLab’s Geoffrey Drummond

5:25- Closing Remarks

6pm–  Check in for Dinner and Aperitif at the Student Center

6:15pm – Opening remarks by Chef Nicholas Poulmentis

6:25pm-  Immerse yourself in the fine cuisine of Chef Nicholas Poulmentis who will prepare a plethora of delicious dishes inspired by his home country of Greece. Enjoy local wines from the North and SOuth forks of the East End. Meet the speakers and experience the alchemy of Mediterranean plants, foods and mindest.

8:30- 9pm –Closing remarks and coffee

Mediterranean Diet Roundtable