Program Cost:  $65.00/workshop  (or $250 for all four sessions)

Instructor: Rachel Stephens from Sweet Woodland Farm

Four Friday evenings in January and February (see dates below)

  • January 12th,   Elderberry Syrup
  • January 19th, Fire Cider (The Master Tonic)
  • February 9th, Herbal Oil Infusions and Salves
  • February 16th, Herbal Teas and Tonics

Time: 6:30-8pm

Location: Stony Brook Southampton Chancellors Hall
269 Montauk Hwy Southampton, NY 11968 (classroom to be announced shortly)

Join Rachel Stephens, owner of a thriving medicinal herb farm, for a series of captivating workshops centered around the art of herbal remedies. With a deep-rooted expertise in cultivating elderberries renowned for their remarkable health advantages, Rachel invites you to explore the world of herbalism through hands-on experiences.

Unveil the secrets of natural healing in Rachel’s workshops, where each Friday evening promises a new journey into the realm of plants and their potent properties. Delve into the realm of Herbal Oil Infusions and Salves, discover the soothing art of crafting Herbal Teas and Tonics, and unlock the wonders of Elderberry Syrup, celebrated for its immune-boosting qualities.

Expand your knowledge further as you learn to prep Fire Cider, the revered Master Tonic known for its vitality-enhancing effects. Whether you’re an aspiring herbalist or simply curious about the power of nature’s remedies, Rachel’s workshops offer a unique opportunity to learn, create, and embrace the healing potential of herbs.

Take home lots of healing herbal products!

Friday, January 12th,   Elderberry Syrup
Friday, January 19th, Fire Cider (The Master Tonic)
Friday, February 9th, Herbal Oil Infusions and Salves
Friday, February 16th, Herbal Teas and Tonics