The Food Media initiative at the Food Lab creates, documents, archives and distributes culinary content that supports the mission of the Food Lab.  With first person access to top level creative talent and production resources  – TV, film, digital, audio — the Food Lab has the capability to develop and produce influential content and award winning original programming on a broad range of food related topics. As well, documenting the programs originated at the Food Lab can and will always be done, as it will expand the reach and memorialize the work of the Food Lab.  The integration of food media into social media is an important platform for promoting the Food Lab’s work and accomplishments, attracting broader participation, recognition and achievement of its programs.  The media database is a valuable and sustainable archive for people from all over the world who want to see and hear first hand what the Food Lab is doing. The Food Lab is developing a unique user-friendly interface that will encourage and facilitate active use of the archive providing viable and valuable content (information and guidance) to our users.  How that database is used will be an important indicator in assessing needs and directions of The Food Lab’s work.  And, as the data base grows in depth, breadth and quality of content, its reach and frequency of use will become a key element in The Food Lab’s financial sustainability.