UC Davis

Program Name: Food Science and Technology
Organization: University of California, Davis
Location: Robert Mondavi Institute for Wine and Food Science
Address: 1136 North Robert Mondavi Institute, 595 Hilgard Lane
Davis, CA 95616
Website: http://foodscience.ucdavis.edu/

Description: The Department of Food Science and Technology was evolved from the Department of Viticulture and Enology in 1918, and the Department of Dairy Industry in 1908. The department owns 3 processing facilities – California Processing Tomato Industry Pilot Plant, August A. Busch III Brewing & Food Science Laboratory, and Milk Processing Laboratory. The Department concentrates their research in several main areas: Food Chemistry, Food Microbiology, Food Processing, Extension, Sensory Science, Social / Cultural Aspects of Food and specific focus areas such as Brewing, Dairy Food Science, and Microencapsulation in Food. It offers programs in preservation, packaging, sensory/consumer science, microbiology, safety, and fruit/vegetable harvest technology. Students can major in undergraduate program then proceed to graduate level courses.