Prefer to have a contained garden space, maybe even one that is kind to the back?

Learn how to construct, plant and maintain different types of raised bed garden with former EDIBLE SCHOOL GARDEN President Maria Plitt. Learn more and register on our website!
Dates: Tuesdays, May 9th through June 6th from 10am-12pm
Place: Stony Brook University Southampton
PRICE: $295 for a five week workshop

 Build a Bed!

This workshop will compare raised bed, flat ground, and container gardens and how each affects the quality and quantity of the food grown in it. We’ll discuss how much space you’ll need, when different plants need to be planted, whether to direct sow or winter sow, and when to transplant.  We’ll also learn about irrigation, soil composition and the benefits of each type of garden. We’ll construct a raised bed garden from untreated lumber and ready the bed to plant flowers, vegetables and herbs.

Raised Bed Gardening