FoodLab - Hands on Horticulture



Have you always wanted to learn how to grow and take care of plants? Do you hunker for a green thumb?

This workshop is perfect for the beginner gardener or the person who just wants to Dig into the science and practice of horticulture, while planting and cultivating. In this hands-on workshop, learn by doing with instructor Judiann Carmack-Fayyaz at Stony Brook Southampton. NEW MEMBERS ARE WELCOME TO JOIN PART TWO!

Workshop One: Fridays, May 12th- June 9th from 10am-12pm
Workshop Two: Thursdays, May 4th-June 1st from 4-6pm
Place: Stony Brook University Southampton
PRICE: $295 for five week workshop

 Plant a Garden!

Come and explore the amazing world of plants and learn the fundamentals of gardening. From basic Botany to breaking ground in the garden, come and learn about the art and science of growing. In this workshop, we will cover the physiology of plants, the environmentals factors that affect plant growth, plant propagation, and the importance of healthy soil, all while planting vegetable and flower seeds and reparing a garden bed. 

Over the five weeks in Workshop One, you will be able to seed and propagate plants in the campus greenhouse and learn how to develop a garden. At the end of the workshop, you can take your seedlings home and put them in your home garden.

Over the five weeks in Workshop Two, you will continue to plant, propagate, and transplant but will start to focus on cultivating particular vegetables and herbs for the garden.